Marine Electrical Services

Our Core Technical Capabilities

Our organization’s core capabilities include:

  • Program and project management
  • Electrical connectorization and testing
  • Fiber optic handling
  • Fiber optic termination and testing to include single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic connectors
  • Electrical cable removal and installation
  • Electrical cable termination and testing to include: power panels, terminal boxes, transformers, automatic bus transfers, and manual bus transfers
  • Multiple cable transit (MCT) building, closing, and testing
  • Switchboard electrical tie-ins
  • Internal switchboard and load center modifications
  • Electrical troubleshooting and repair of legacy wiring discrepancies
img Our Core Technical Capabilities
img Technical Standards

Technical Standards

Our highly skilled, continuously trained, and professional electricians have extensive experience with, and adheres to, all electrical and electronic installation and repair standards including, but not limited to:

  • NAVSEA standard items
  • Military specification standards
  • American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) standards
  • Electrical Plant Installation Standard Methods (EPISM) for surface ships and submarines
  • Other commercial standards and specifications, as required

Our Expertise

Waveforce Electrical is a small business that is highly experienced in maintaining, upgrading, modernizing, troubleshooting, and repairing shipboard and shore-based electrical and electronic equipment, systems, and components. Our areas of expertise include:

Project Management

Waveforce Electrical offers turnkey project management services from the time of award through project completion. This includes development of integrated project schedules/plan of action and milestone schedules, progress tracking tools, logistical support/material procurement, financial management and meticulous technical progress tracking through task completion.

Our experienced project management team emphasizes open and frequent customer communication to ensure projects are completed within schedule and budget requirements.

img Project Management

Field Services

Waveforce Electrical offers a comprehensive suite of electrical and electronic field services led by experienced and fully qualified on-site supervision. These services include electrical and electronic ship alteration installations and electrical and electronic shipboard repair efforts.

Our experienced group of skilled technicians are proficient at electrical cable removal and installation, copper and fiber optic cable connectorization, termination and testing and switchboard electrical tie-ins as well as internal switchboard and load center modifications. We are committed to the continuous training and certification of our employees to ensure work is completed within technical specifications with no need for rework.

img Field Services

Emergency Repair

Waveforce Electrical is ready to respond to your emergent repair needs at any location and on short notice. Our extensive experience and expertise allow us to provide you with fast and immediate solutions to restore your electrical and electronic systems to maximum operational readiness.

img Emergency Repair

Specialized Services

Waveforce Electrical takes pride in our agility to do whatever is necessary to meet specific customer needs. We are fully committed to provide customized technical solutions to address your vessel’s electrical and electronic requirements.

We combine specialized equipment, technical training and expertise to ensure we meet your maintenance, installation and repair needs throughout the lifecycle of the vessel.

img Field Services